Near the French city of Dieppe, is one of the finest private gardens in Europe called Le Vasterival. Sweeping paths, long vistas and a huge variety of plants makes this garden breathtaking in its scope. Created in 1957 by Princess Stundza, the garden is full of mature, specimen size rhododendrons, dogwoods and other plants. 

The Princess does not allow photography in her gardens.

Note: Princess Stundza passed away at the age of 96 in 2009. It appears that the gardens are still operating according to their website.

This garden was one of the most magnificent in this part of Europe. It was very frustrating and disappointing that we were not allowed to take pictures during our visit. We have visited many, many gardens around the world and this was only one to have made this restriction on its visitors.

Although it is a "private" garden, there was a charge of about $25 per person to make the visit. The price was well worth it but would have been complete if we had been able to take photos to help us remember our visit and to share with others. (Of course, they wanted to sell us pictures as we departed the grounds.)

[Beach at the nearby resort village of Pourville.]

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