Address: Rue de Vaugirard or Boulevard Saint-Michel
Arrondissement: 06
How to get there : Odéon or Saint-Placide
RER: Luxembourg

Palais du Luxembourg was built in the early 1600's for Queen Marie dei Medici. Today, the gardens are the largest public park on the Left Bank. It is located near the Sorbonne and just south of the Latin Quarter.

In addition to large displays of annuals, tropical plants from the orangery and other plants, the garden is home to a very large collection of sculptures.


This is a large, relaxing oasis in the city located on the left bank in or near the Latin Quarter. It is a great place to just wander a bit and watch the boats on the big pool. There are nice borders of annuals and many container trees and potted plants. Well worth a visit.

This is one of the classic gardens of Paris. In mid-summer, it is full of color from annuals and tropical plants set out for the summer display. You can set on a chair under a tree and watch the world pass by or just read a book. Remember that the Left Bank is the side of the Seine which has the Eiffel Tower.

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