Helen Dillon is a world-renowned plantsperson, writer, lecturer and broadcaster. With her husband Val, she has created a garden that is considered to be one of the gems of the horticultural world. This widely acclaimed garden is a mix of startling design and perfectly grown plants - many of them rare and unusual. The view of the garden from the windows of the elegant drawing room is in the lexicon of most photographed scenes in contemporary gardening.

Helen Dillon greeted us at the door and her husband, Val, gave us an introduction to the garden and how it has changed over the years. It was a wonderful place to gather ideas as one might expect from a garden by such a noted garden writer and lecturer. Helen exemplifies what it means to be a "gardener" rather than a person who "has a garden."

By that I mean that a gardener actually gardens. She is always changing things and thinking about new ways to arrange her garden. Even the large reflecting pond at the center of the garden  has been dug up and changed several times over the decades. She doesn't just sit back and rest on her  laurels but is out there gardening just like the rest of us.

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