The Irish National Stud is devoted to the improvement and promotion of Irish horse bloodstock. Included in the price of admission is a guided tour of the horse breeding facilities. The remainder of the grounds consist of a number of gardens including a Japanese Garden and St. Fiachra's Garden. St. Fiachra was a 6th century monk who was honored by the French as the Patron Saint of Gardeners.

Colonel William Hall-Walker created the Japanese Gardens between 1906-1910. The gardens are meant to symbolize the 'Life of Man' story are acclaimed as the finest Japanese Gardens in Europe.

Irish National Stud and Garden
Kildare Town

On our visit in July, 2003, we were guided around the horse part of the facility by a wonderful young Irishman. He was a recent college graduate and was a little embarrassed by some of the intimate details he had to tell the group about the process of breeding horses. It was a lot of fun!

The Japanese Garden was very nice and led you through several areas telling the story of the "Life of Mankind." The literature says that they have been "acclaimed as the finest Japanese Gardens in Europe." Well, this might be a little hyperbole but they are nice.

Toward the back of the property, they have a small area devoted to St. Fiachra who is the patron saint of gardeners. There is a bronze statue of him sitting in a small pond. He seems to be examining something held between his fingers. Seeds or.....?

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