"What makes the gardens at Powerscourt so remarkable is their grandeur of scale combined, as so rarely happens, with great delicacy and refinement of detail. Their setting is superb, but their design and execution are worthy of it. Meticulously kept, every part of the gardens rewards the closest study. Powerscourt is a magnificent example of an aristocratic garden laid out with taste, knowledge and imagination."

Peter Coats - "Great Gardens of the Western World"

The castle on the estate was originally built in around 1300. The garden had gone through two major building periods in the 1730's and again in the mid-1800's. Major garden areas on the 1,000 acre estate featured today include an Italian Garden, Walled Gardens, Dolphin Pond, Pet's Cemetery and Japanese Garden.

Enniskerry County
Wicklow, Ireland

Beautiful gardens. Beautiful house. Beautiful garden center. What more could you ask? The roses were magnificent when we were there in July, 2003. The Japanese Garden and the long English (or perhaps Irish) borders in the Walled Garden were outstanding. Well maintained and well worth the visit.

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