Famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, lived at Chartwell House for over 40 years. The grounds and house are now a historical museum celebrated the PM's triumphs and defeats. The house is filled with mementos, pictures and some of the original furnishings.

The gardens consist of a Rose Garden dedicated to Churchill's wife, Clementine, and several long perennial borders. The view includes a lake and a large water garden with ponds filled with large koi. Churchill's paintings of the gardens are featured inside the house.

Mapleton Road
Kent TN16 1PS

Chartwell is worth the stop as both a garden and historical site. It was the home of Winston Churchill for several decades and much of his story is reflected in the house which can be toured. Although not extensive, the gardens are well kept and there are several perennial borders. The ponds are interesting with nylon line draped across them to prevent herons from making a meal of the koi.

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