Arguably the most outstanding horticultural show in the world, the Chelsea Flower Show is held for just a few days each spring in this suburb of London along the Thames River. The Royal Horticultural Society had sponsored similar events at other sites since the mid-1800s. However, this show on the parking lot and grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea has been held yearly since 1922. (Note: I am not sure about the years during WWII.)

Around 600 exhibitors from around the world build unique displays for the show including over 50 gardens in all shapes, sizes and styles and over 100 floral exhibitors show a huge variety of plants in pristine condition including introductions of new plants. There are dozens of show gardens, each one created with attention to detail by some of the world's leading garden designers. Smaller Chic, Courtyard, City and Sunflower Street gardens show exactly what can be achieved on modest sized plots. Exhibitors are judged by a specialist judging panels before the show opens, and awarded Gold, Silver-Gilt, Silver and Bronze Medals.

One of the amazing aspects of the show is that within only a few days after it closes, the area is returned to its former empty parking lot.

Mr PGC has attended this wonderful event twice:

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