The oldest remaining part of Hever Castle dates back to 1270 and in the 1500's it was the childhood home of one of Henry VII's wives, Anne Boleyn. In 1983, the castle was purchased by Broadland Properties Ltd. and was opened to the public.

The gardens were laid out in the early 1900's when it was owned by William Waldorf Astor. He loved Italian garden and transformed the grounds into this style with the help of hundreds of hired workers. His collection of Italian sculptures is on display in the gardens.

There are many water features including the moat around the castle, Half Moon Pond (hand dug by over 1,000 workers), Cascade Rockery, Two Sisters Pond and others. A Tudor Chess Set of topiary is near the Yew Maze.

Hever Castle
Nr Edenbridge
Kent TN8 7NG

  In this rich region of English gardens, Hever Castle is up near the top of the list of places to see. A visit in May will reward you with beautiful wisteria vines and spring flowers. The Italian garden is a fine example of a formal space surrounded by English green.

Looking at the lake, it is mind-boggling to think of all the men who were needed to dig out thousands of cubic yards of soil, one spadeful at a time. Just goes to show what outlandish wealth concentrated in the hands of a few people can do. Fortunately for us, the gardens have been maintained and made available to the public. Take a look!

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