Located on an island a few hundred yards offshore, the gardens at St. Michael's Mount cling to a granite rock face that rises nearly 200 feet above the sea. There has been a castle at the site since 1047 and it is known to have been inhabited as far back as 300 B.C.

Buffeted by the winter gales and continually drenched in salt spray the gardens become a tranquil oasis during the summer months. The warm Gulf Stream coupled with the heat retentive granite cliffs and walls enable a wide range of tender and exotic plants to be grown in the south facing gardens.

Michael's Mount
The Manor Office
Cornwall TR17 OEF

Depending on the height of the tide, you may either walk over to the island on a causeway or you might have to take a boat for a little over a pound each. This mile square island is host to a rather nice garden of plants that one might not expect in this part of the world. Due to the ocean currents, the microclimate is able to support many types of plants associated with the Mediterranean. It doesn't get that cold on the island but the winds will blow you down in the winter. They don't work on the seaside during the fall and winter months for that reason. However, for a summer visit, it is well worth the trip. Be ready for some steep, uphill paths.

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