The tea garden began as a 1894 World's Fair Exhibit called the Japanese Village created by Baron Makoto Hagiwara. It has been expanded over the years to about 5 acres in size. The great grandson of the garden's creator has written a more detailed history of the gardens available on line by Clicking Here.

Images from July 2004
Images from April 2011

About a two minute walk from the entrance to the Strybing Arboretum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is the Japanese Tea Garden. This is another beautiful example of the oriental style of gardening and could easily occupy a couple of hours of your time in a leisurely stroll through the various sections.

There is a small entrance fee and you can have tea at the pavilion in the garden. (Due to some #$@@!!!$# problem with the memory card in my digital camera, I did not have as many shots to choose from as I thought...but these will give you an idea.)

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