Imagine a special garden created for children and the young at heart. This is the Michigan 4-H Children's Garden, a place where plants, children, and imaginations grow. As one of the horticultural gardens on the campus of Michigan State University, this garden features over 56 individual theme areas that create a place of wonder, enchantment and delight for people of any age. This website allows you experience any of the 56 theme gardens and explore each one in virtual reality movies as well.

Horticulture is defined as the art and science of growing plants, and the design and planting of this garden is a perfect embodiment of this ideal. This website invites you, the virtual garden visitor from anywhere in the world, to experience the beauty, take a walk around and learn about the plants too.

This award-winning Children's Garden is being called "the most creative half-acre in America." Discover the many wonders of the 4-H Children's garden and let your imagination run wild!

Department of Horticulture
Michigan State University

A222 Plant & Soil Sciences Building
East Lansing, MI  48824-1325

If you are ever in the vicinity of East Lansing, Michigan especially in the summer or fall, a visit to the 4-H Children's Garden is a must. This is a "hands-on" garden meant for children of all ages to enjoy the wonders of plants. There is a pizza garden, mini-maze, secret garden, Monet's pond and many other features to help get children involved in gardening.

It is part of the seven acre Horticultural Display Gardens at MSU which include perennials, roses, All-America Display Gardens for annuals and much more. Plan on spending at least half a day or more if you take your time. Across the railroad tracks to the south is the Clarence Lewis Arboretum too. Not far away is the Beal Botanical Garden. There is also a nice, small garden and ponds at the MSU Radiology building about half a mile away. Wow! Make a day of garden visits.

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