C. Raker and Sons is a wholesale nursery so don't go here expecting to buy plants unless you are a business. However, they have a very large trial garden display which is open to the public during July and August.

C. Raker and Sons
10371 Rainey Rd Litchfield, MI 49252

This is an outstanding display garden for new and classic varieties of annuals and herbaceous perennials. Each year at the end of July into the first week of August, special events are planned for nursery buyers to see what will be available for the coming year's bedding plants.

The gardens are well-labeled and open to the public during July and August when the flowering plants are at their peak. This is not a landscape garden so everything is displayed in rows but it is a great place to see dozens and dozens of species and cultivars of flowering plants in close proximity. It covers several acres and there are many hanging baskets and containers.

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