This section ofis devoted to those elements of the home landscape which are not alive i.e.. In our travels to many private and public gardens of the world, we have photographed hundreds of garden benches, statues, pergolas, sheds and other examples of hardscape. We have organized these into a slew of image galleries to allow you to gather ideas of what you might like (or dislike) for your own garden.

Our intent is to show you a wide variety of types and examples of hardscape that might be of use to you including:

 - Almost anything that will hold the potting media and has a drainage whole for excess water to escape can be used as a plant container. Plants grown in containers take some special care similar to houseplants. They are fertilized and watered differently from plants grown in the garden. If you grow perennials in containers, you must over-winter them in northern climates also.

- Paths and patios require a solid foundation and may be made of a wide variety of materials from wood to stone. They add to the overall design effect of the garden and may be used to display container plants to their greatest impact. Hardscape helps to tie the landscape together and lead people to points of interest.

- Garden benches and other furniture not only add a design dimension to the garden but also provide places to rest and contemplate the beauty and serenity of the garden spaces. Too many gardeners do not take full advantage of this aspect of their gardens!

 - Without a doubt, the garden is an excellent place in which to display all manner of art including statuary. Elements made of stone and stone-like materials blend well with plants and may be either formal or informal in their design effect.

 - Buildings and other architectural structures or features add greatly to the feeling of a landscape. Structures fulfill many roles in the garden and may be constructed of a wide range of materials.

- Items such as garden equipment and tools can not only be functionally but can also add to the garden's beauty.

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