Like many hardscape features of a landscape, buildings and other structures serve a dual purpose. They may be functional like a garden shed or shady gazebo but they must also serve an aesthetic role. With this in mind, garden structures should be made of materials and lines that will complement the overall design intent of the landscape.

The major structural elements found in landscape gardens would include:

  1. Arbors - Certain plants such as the vines and climbing roses need to be supported in order to properly show their flowers and beauty. Arbors are perfect structures for this role.

  2. Bridges - If you have a pond or stream on your property, you can do a lot with the design of a bridge. Just think of Monet's bridge in France for inspiration.

  3. Decks - This outdoor living space needs to be part of the landscape too. Use materials and design criteria to blend seemlessly with the surroundings.

  4. Doorways - Entries to the house or through walls or fences, doorways can also may a statement about your landscape.

  5. Fences - Not only do these divide your property from your neighbor's  but they also provide a backdrop for your beds and borders.

  6. Gazebos - Another outdoor living space, these should also blend in but make a statement too.

  7. Raised Beds - These can be functional to help people with limited mobility continue to garden. Use materials that fit your design.

  8. Sheds - Tool or planting sheds are as much a part of a garden as are the plants. They can be a beautiful addition to any landscape.

  9. Walls - Ranging from brick and mortar to dry stacked layers of rocks, walls add personality to a garden.

Visit our image galleries for pictures of a wide array of different hardscape features for the landscape. Our intent is to give you some ideas about the variety of options available in each of the categories we cover. Some are the standard type while others may be unique or unusual. There will be features you might want to copy and others that you may want to avoid. Good luck!



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