Hosta 'Gold Regal'

Paul Aden of New York registered this hybrid cultivar in 1974 although the originator is considered unknown. It is a giant size (32 inches high by 63 inches wide) plant with pale green leaves in the spring that change to chartreuse as the summer progresses. The leaves are slightly wavy, moderately corrugated and slightly cupped with good substance. It produces medium lavender, bell-shaped flowers which are fertile and borne on 50 inch tall scapes in July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "Though 'Gold Regal' was registered thirty-four years ago, I continue to think of it in the upper echelon of hosta cultivars. It can be used in many ways in the landscape, but is most impressive as a specimen plant."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Leaves will remain chartreuse if grown in the shade all day. Superb flowers are only one of this hosta's many attributes. An excellent breeding plant."

"Plant not related to H. 'Krossa Regal'."


The Hosta Journal, (2006 Vol. 37 No. 2), contained an article in which several hostaphiles were asked to give a brief list of their favorite hosta flowers. This plant was included in that list.


"A beautiful upright plant of soft celadon green. A classic that, like many others, seems to have been overlooked because of familiarity. This is unique in its subtle coloring and its dramatic upright form. In my garden, it is as tall and wide as 'Sum and Substance'. A really forceful statement in any garden."

bullet H. 'Aden No. 392'
bullet H. 'Eternity'
bullet H. 'Golden Sculpture'
bullet H. 'High Noon'
bullet H. 'Rising Sun'
bullet H. 'Shade Master'
bullet H. 'Starboard Light'
  1. H. 'Academy Lime Vuvuzela'
  2. H. 'Academy Live Vuvuzela'
  3. H. 'Alex Summers'
  4. H. 'Cloud Nine'
  5. H. 'David Reath'
  6. H. 'Faux Mist'
  7. H. 'Foxy'
  8. H. 'Golden Torch'
  9. H. 'Independence Day'
  10. H. 'Midwest Majesty'
  11. H. 'Misty Regal'
  1. H. 'Old Ironsides'
  2. H. 'Raspberry Ice Cream'
  3. H. 'Rascal'
  4. H. 'Regal Eagle'
  5. H. 'Regal Skies'
  6. H. 'Regatta'
  7. H. 'Rusty's Gold Regal'
  8. H. 'Streaked Regal'
  9. H. 'Thanksgiving'
  10. H. 'Ugly Duckling'
  1. H. 'Big Dipper'
  2. H. 'Blue Betty Lou'
  3. H. 'Blue Lettuce'
  4. H. 'Blue Regal'
  5. H. 'Bluestone'
  6. H. 'Brazen Hussy'
  7. H. 'Brim Cup'
  8. H. 'Cerulean Magic'
  9. H. 'Citratini'
  10. H. 'Cookie Monster'
  11. H. 'Dixieland Delight'
  12. H. 'Eagle'
  13. H. 'Electroglow'
  14. H. 'Emoticon'
  15. H. 'Farewell Party'
  16. H. 'Fort Knox'
  17. H. 'Giggles'
  18. H. 'Gitchigumi'
  19. H. 'Gold Vision'
  20. H. 'Golden Cascade'
  21. H. 'Golden Eagle'
  22. H. 'Golden Sculpture'
  23. H. 'Golden Teacup'
  1. H. 'Golden Torch'
  2. H. 'Greenhead Badger Blue'
  3. H. 'Heartache'
  4. H. 'Herman's Pride'
  5. H. 'High Noon'
  6. H. 'High Style'
  7. H. 'Lady Liberty's Flame'
  8. H. 'Lake Gitchigumi'
  9. H. 'Lemon Zest'
  10. H. 'Lime Regal'
  11. H. 'Mark Anthony'
  12. H. 'Peacock Feathers'
  13. H. 'Pianissimo'
  14. H. 'Prairie Dawn'
  15. H. 'Prairie Dazzler'
  16. H. 'Prairie Fire'
  17. H. 'Purple Flash'
  18. H. 'Regal Tot'
  19. H. 'Straka Gold'
  20. H. 'Ultraviolet Light'
  21. H. 'Unforgettable'
  22. H. 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
  23. H. 'Yellow Highness'

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