Hosta 'Sentinels'

This narrow leaf, medium size (17 inches high) cultivar is the result of a cross of Hosta sieboldii x H. 'Lancifolia'. It was discovered in 1954 and was registered in 1986 by Connie Williams on behalf of the originator, her mother, Frances Williams of Massachusetts.

The plant has leaves that are smooth textured and have petioles covered with purplish red dots. In August, medium purple flowers bloom in profusion on 23 to 30 inch tall scapes. The funnel shaped flowers have recurved petals.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this cultivar "...appear almost identical to Hosta lancifolia. The chief differences occur in its blooming habits. It produces an outstanding show of purple flowers a few weeks earlier than Hosta lancifolia. I once counted 62 scapes on a mature specimen."

  1. H. 'Silver Lance'

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