There are currently over 8,000 named hostas of which over 5,000 are actually registered with The American Hosta Society. As with any large collection of plants, there are some that have withstood the test of time and others have faded into quiet obscurity.

Listed below are some of the All-Time Classic Hostas as defined by Mr PGC himself. Of course, selection for this list is based on thorough research and long-term experience in the world of Hostadom. The highly scientific criteria used in the cultivar selection process provided that chosen cultivars must meet one or more of the following:

1. It has been around for a "long time".
2. It is one that every hosta enthusiast knows or should know.
3. It was interesting & unique when it was first introduced.
4. It has been used to hybridize a lot of other great hostas.
5. It is a darn nice plant to have in your garden.
6. Mr PGC thinks it belongs on this list...after all it is my list.
7. We have a picture of it.

  1. H. 'Allan P. McConnell'
  2. H. 'Antioch'
  3. H. 'Aphrodite'
  4. H. 'August Moon'
  5. H. 'Big Daddy'
  6. H. 'Birchwood Elegance'
  7. H. 'Blue Angel'
  8. H. 'Blue Cadet'
  9. H. 'Blue Mammoth'
  10. H. 'Blue Mouse Ears'
  11. H. 'Bold Edger'
  12. H. 'Breeders'Choice'
  13. H. 'Brother Ronald'
  14. H. 'Chartreuse Wiggles'
  15. H. 'Cherry Berry'
  16. H. 'Chinese Sunrise'
  17. H. 'Christmas Tree'
  18. H. 'City Lights'
  19. H. 'Color Glory'
  20. H. 'Crispula'
  21. H. 'Decorata'
  22. H. 'Donahue's Piecrust'
  23. H. 'Dorothy Benedict'
  24. H. 'Dorset Blue'
  25. H. 'Ellerbroek'
  26. H. 'Fascination'
  27. H. 'Feather Boa'
  28. H. 'Fire and Ice'
  29. H. 'Flamboyant'
  30. H. 'Fort Knox'
  31. H. 'Fortunei Hyacinthina'
  32. H. 'Fragrant Bouquet'
  33. H. 'Francee'
  34. H. 'Frances Williams'
  35. H. 'Frosted Jade'
  36. H. 'Gold Drop'
  37. H. 'Gold Edger'
  38. H. 'Gold Regal'
  39. H. 'Gold Standard'
  40. H. 'Golden Tiara'
  41. H. 'Great Expectations'
  42. H. 'Green Fountaion'
  43. H. 'Green Piecrust'
  44. H. 'Guacomole'
  45. H. 'Hadspen Heron'
  46. H. 'Halcyon'
  47. H. 'Helenoides Albopicta'
  48. H. 'High Noon'
  49. H. 'Honeybells'
  50. H. 'Inniswood'
  51. H. 'Invincible'
  1. H. 'June'
  2. H. 'Just So'
  3. H. 'Kabitan'
  4. H. 'Krossa Regal'
  5. H. 'Lancifolia'
  6. H. 'Lemon Lime'
  7. H. 'Love Pat'
  8. H. 'Minuteman'
  9. H. montana 'Aureomarginata'
  10. H. montana forma macrophylla
  11. H. 'Neat Splash'
  12. H. 'Neat Splash Rim'
  13. H. nigrescens 'Elatior'
  14. H. 'Pandora's Box'
  15. H. 'Patriot'
  16. H. 'Paul's Glory'
  17. H. 'Pearl Lake'
  18. H. 'Permanent Wave'
  19. H. 'Piedmont Gold'
  20. H. plantaginea
  21. H. 'Queen Josephine'
  22. H. 'Regal Splendor'
  23. H. 'Royal Standard'
  24. H. 'Ryan's Big One'
  25. H. 'Sagae'
  26. H. 'Saishu Jima'
  27. H. 'Sea Lotus Leaf'
  28. H. 'Sea Prize'
  29. H. 'Shade Fanfare'
  30. H. 'Shining Tot'
  31. H. 'So Sweet'
  32. H. 'Spilt Milk'
  33. H. 'Stiletto'
  34. H. 'Striptease'
  35. H. 'Sum and Substance'
  36. H. 'Summer Fragrance'
  37. H. 'Sun Power'
  38. H. sieboldiana 'Elegans'
  39. H. 'Tiny Tears'
  40. H. 'Tokudama'
  41. H. 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
  42. H. 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis'
  43. H. 'Undulata Albomarginata'
  44. H. 'Undulata Univittata'
  45. H. ventricosa 'Aureomarginata'
  46. H. 'Whirlwind'
  47. H. 'Wide Brim'
  48. H. 'Yellow River'
  49. H. 'Yellow Splash'
  50. H. 'Yellow Splash Rim'
  51. H. 'Zounds'

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