For a bit of fun, we have pulled together many database pages based on words used in the names of hosta cultivars. In some cases, you can open a table that shows all the hostas that have Hadspen, Heart, Holy or Halo in their name for instance. We also have gathered together names that relate to a certain topic such as weather, geography, sports, the arts and many, many others.

Shown below are 63 pages which list all the individual links related to a topic. By clicking on the Alphabetical List bar, you can find words or topics by alphabetical order.


Although hostas are given English names in the vast majority of cases, they are also given names in many other languages. A lot of these non-English names still originate in the U.S. but a growing number originate in other countries. Japanese is by far the most common non-English language used in naming hostas.


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