The term "originator" when it comes to new hosta cultivars tends to be a rather flexible one. Ideally, it refers to the person who consciously cross-bred plants or who discovered a new random seedling or a sport in the garden or tissue culture process.

However, the situation is not always that clear so, included in our definition are those people who registered the plant with The American Hosta Society. This person may have done that on behalf of the deceased hybridizer or for a plant of unknown origin or some other circumstance.

People who "create" new hosta cultivars are considered to be their originator. For our purposes, the originator is the person who hybridized or "discovered" the sport or registered the plant with The American Hosta Society.


We are missing some information on some of the originators in our database. For some reason, the registration information only includes the first initial of the originator and we would like to include their full name. In some cases we are missing the originator's home state or country. For a bunch of hostas, we have no information on the originator of a particular plant.


This is a listing of all originators in our database who have originated 10 or more new named hosta cultivars


These are people who have created new cultivars through hybridization.


People or businesses who have either discovered or through tissue culture propagation have created many hosta sport plants.


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