Throughout history, many people have made lasting contributions to the world of hostas. In these pages, we hope to pay tribute to some of them. Our concentration will be primarily on those who have introduced or registered new cultivars, found new species, promoted the genus or added to our knowledge about this, the Number One selling herbaceous perennial plant in the U.S.

We are always looking to expand these listings and to keep them up to date. So, if you have new information or know of someone who you think should be included, please send us their name and a brief description of their contributions to the World of Hostas. Thanks.

Introduced cultivars including classic hostas like H. 'Liberty' the 2012 "Hosta of the Year", H. 'Minuteman', H. 'Night before Christmas' and H. 'Patriot' the 1997 "Hosta of the Year".

Dr Maekawa was a PhD student at the Imperial University in Tokyo, Japan from 1935 to 1940. During his studies, he produced what was then the main reference for the early classification of members of the genus, Hosta. In later years, he was a professor at Tokyo University where he continued his research into the genus.

He was also a hybridizer who introduced several cultivars including H. plantaginea 'Aphrodite', H. nigrescens 'Elatior' and H. 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis'.

Cultivars named in his honor include  Hosta hypoleuca 'Maekawa'.

A hybridizer from South Salem, New York, Alex introduced several cultivars including H. 'Grand Marquee', H. 'Island Charm', H. 'Rusty Bee' and H. 'Zion's Hope'.

He is also a master judge of The American Hosta Society and a garden writer. A collection of his plants is included at the Wade and Gatton Nursery and Wade Botanical Gardens in Bellville, Ohio.

Introduced cultivars including H. 'Frosted Jade', H. 'Hawkeye' and H. 'Hollies Honor'.

Allan started his namesake plant from seeds and his friend and hostaphile, Mildred Seaver encouraged him to introduce it to the hosta world.

In addition to introducing H. 'Allan P. McConnell' in the 1980s, he helped establish the hosta garden at the Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Hostaphile from Fayetteville, Georgia who received the  Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2011. He has served as AHS Vice President for Judging and Exhibitions.

Hybridizer from Willingboro, New Jersey, he has introduced cultivars including H. 'Blueberry Muffin' and H. 'Wheee'.


Tom was president of The American Hosta Society from 2007 to 2011. He is a retired teacher who also runs The Hosta Patch nursery from his home in Illinois.

He has introduced several cultivars including H. 'Thank You' and H. 'Your Welcome'.

Eldren and Nancy owned Fairway Enterprises nursery in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Eldren, a minister, was the second president of The American Hosta Society (1978 to 1982) and he received the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 1989. Nancy received the same award in 1998 for her contributions to the success of the AHS.

They introduced several cultivars including H. 'Alvatine Taylor', H. 'Amber Waves', H. 'Coventry' and H. 'Nancy Minks'.

Introduced cultivars including H. 'Presidents Choice' and H. 'Rembrandt Blue'.

Cultivars named in his honor include H. 'Steve Moldovan' from Rachel Soucek.


Rob owns Made in the Shade Nursery, a tissue culture lab specializing in hostas. Vice President - Genus Hosta for The American Hosta Society, Executive Secretary of the American Hosta Growers Association, and a Contributing Editor for The Hosta Journal.

Introduced cultivars including H. 'Heart and Soul'.

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