Throughout history, many people have made lasting contributions to the world of hostas. In these pages, we hope to pay tribute to some of them. Our concentration will be primarily on those who have introduced or registered new cultivars, found new species, promoted the genus or added to our knowledge about this, the Number One selling herbaceous perennial plant in the U.S.

We are always looking to expand these listings and to keep them up to date. So, if you have new information or know of someone who you think should be included, please send us their name and a brief description of their contributions to the World of Hostas. Thanks.

Hybridizer from Farmingdale, New York who introduced cultivars including H. 'Island Charm' and H. 'Rock Island Line'.

Veterinarian, hybridizer and owner of Reath Nursery in Vulcan, Michigan who was also involved with peony and iris breeding starting in the 1960s.

Introduced cultivars including H. 'Blue River', H. 'Eleanor J. Reath' and H. 'Helen Doriot'.

Cultivars named in his honor include H. 'David Reath' from Roy Klehm.

Horticulturist, Henry Ross developed several hosta cultivars at his Gardenview Horticultural Park in Strongsville, Ohio. He registered them in the name of the Park. Henry was awarded The American Hosta Society President's Award in 2000.

His name is also associated with a technique for cutting into the crown of hostas under the soil surface to encourage a more rapid proliferation of new buds and therefore, new divisions. The technique is called "Rossing".

Ross' cultivars include H. 'Solar Flare' and H. 'Witches Brew'.

Peter Ruh was a long-time hosta hybridizer and collector. His garden and nursery, Homestead Division, are located near Cleveland at Chesterland, Ohio. In 1984, he was the recipient of the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award.

Peter's garden contained over 2,000 cultivars and was noted for having one of the few full collections of Eric's Smith's Tardiana hostas. He was known for having an extensive knowledge and record keeping system of thousands of hostas.

Peter registered over 400 cultivars for himself and on behalf of other early hybridizers (often posthumously) including such hostas as H. 'Allegan Gent', H. 'August Moon', H. 'Chinese Sunrise', H. 'Golden Bullion', H. 'Hirao Majesty', H. 'King James'H. 'Paul's Glory' and H. 'Yellow River'.

He also registered hostas on behalf of such people as Paul Hoffer, Shuicki Hirao, Gladys Holly, Gus Krossa, Lucille Simpers, Eric Smith, David Stone, Hajime Sugita, Alex Summers, Chet Tompkins, Frances Williams, Herbert Zager and (even) Mark Zilis.

Cultivars named in his honor include H. 'Peter Ruh' from Mark Zilis.

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