Roses are among the most popular flowers throughout the world. Almost everyone is familiar with the hybrid tea roses that they purchase by the dozen from the local florist (if you can afford them, that is). Roses have been the subject of countless efforts at hybridizing resulting in thousands of named cultivars.

Also, there are many, many different species and classifications of roses that are not as commonly known by the average gardener. Climbing roses develop long canes that may be trained up trelliswork. Miniature roses fill the need for the front of the bed or border.  Floribunda and grandiflora roses are noted for bearing flowers in multiple clusters.

Mr. PGC has been wandering the gardens, both private and public, of the world and has taken hundreds of pictures (or is that captured images?) of all kinds of roses of many different types. We have organized these into image galleries by alphabetical listing of cultivar name or by the type of rose. Enjoy.

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