This is a very large genus with about 1,400 species of plants native to many subtropical and tropical regions of the world.

Traditionally, begonias have been divided into about 3 categories. 1) Tuberous begonias are generally used in containers and hanging baskets especially in shaded areas. 2) Rex begonias are grown for their foliage and tend to be non-hardy for outdoor use except in tropical or subtropical areas. 3) In relatively recent decades, a type called "seed begonias" has taken off in popularity. They can be easily grown in large groupings and do quite well in full sun if watered properly.

Care and Culture of Begonias  bnb

Begonia x argenteo-giittata Trout Begonia
B. x cheimantha  
B. coccinea Angelwing Begonia, Scarlet Begonia
B. dregei Grapeleaf Begonia
B. elatior  
B. x feastii Beefsteak Begonia
B. foliosa Fern Begonia
B. foliosn ininiata  
B. grandis Evans Begonia
B. haageana = B. scharifii
B. heracleifolia Star Begonia
B. imperialis Imperial Begonia
B. limminglteiana  
B. manienta  
B. x margaritne  
B. metallica Steel Begonia
B. nelumbifolia Lilypad Begonia
B. rex Painted Leaf Begonia
B. scharfini (B. Imageana)
B. semperflorens Wax Begonia
B. semperflorens - Hybrid Cultivars
B. stipolaceae  
B. sutherlandii Sutherland Begonia
B. x tuberhybrida Tuberous Begonia
B. tuberosa Tuberous Begonia
B. ulniifolia Elmleaf Begonia
B. venosa Fibrous Rooted Begonia


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