Flowering Kale, Mustard

This is a genus consisting of about 30 species. The common name, "mustard" comes from the Latin word, mustum, which refers to new wine which was mixed with mustard seeds to form a sauce used in cooking.

Brassica alba White Mustard
B. juncea Indian Mustard
B. napus Rape or Canola Seed
B. nigra Black Mustard
B. oleracea - Acephala Flowering Kale
B. oleracea - Gemnifer Brussels Sprouts
B. oleracea - Gongyloides Kohlrabi
B. oleracea - Italica Broccoli
B. rapa Field Mustard
B. rapa - Chinensis Pak Choi
B. rapa - Perkinensis Chinese Cabbage
B. rapa - Rapifera Turnip


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