Sedge Grass

This is a very large genus with over 2,000 different species. They are mostly grassy plants which are commonly called sedges. Some species are noted for their triangular shaped stems and leaves. Nut sedge is a common lawn weed that is extremely difficult to eradicate once established.

Carex buchananii Leatherleaf Sedge
C. conica  
C. elata Bowles Golden Grass
C. folliculata Northern Long Sedge
C. hachijoensis  
C. morrowii Japanese Sedge Grass
C. muskingumensis Palm Sedge
C. nigra Black Sedge
C. nudita  
C. ornithopoda Bird's Foot Sedge
C. oshimensis  
C. pendula Drooping Sedge
C. squarrosa Squarrose Sedge


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