Ponysfoot, Kidney Weed,
Silver Nickel Vine

Although the exact number is under dispute by taxonomists, there are around 10 species in this genus. Most species are prostrate, herbaceous perennials that spread easily. They are native to many tropical or warm temperate regions of the world. The name comes from the Greek words meaning "two" and "grain" referring to the shape of the fruit.


Dichondra argentea Silver Ponysfoot
D. brachypoda New Mexico Ponysfoot
D. carolinensis Carolina Ponysfoot
D. donelliana California Ponysfoot
D. micrantha Asian Ponysfoot
D. microcalyx  
D. occidentalis Western Ponysfoot
D. recurvata Oakwoods Ponysfoot
D. repens Kidney Weed
D. sericea Silverleaf Ponysfoot


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