This genus includes plants that are trees, shrubs and climbing vines. Some of them are broad leaf evergreens while others such as the burning bush are deciduous and drop their leaves each fall.



Euonymus alata Burning Bush
E. americana Strawberrybush or Wahoo
E. atropurpurea Eastern Wahoo
E. hungeann Wlnterberry Euonymus
E. europaea European Spindletree
E. fortunei Hardy VineWintercreeper
E. japonica Evergreen Euonymus
E. kiautschovicus Spreading Euonymus
E. latifolia Broadleaf Euonymus
E. maackii  
E. obovatus Running Euonymus
E. pulehella = E. japonica'Microphylla'
E. sachalinensis Salchalin Euonymus
E. sanguineus  


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