Coralbells, Alumroot

This genus has about 37 species of herbaceous perennials which are all native to North America. The name Coralbells once described the color as well as the shape of the blossoms of this perennial. This genus is named after Johann Heinrich von Heucher (1677-1747).



Heuchera americana American Alumroot
H. glabra  
H. micrantha Small Flowered Alumroot
H. sanguinea Coralbells, Alumroot, Crimson Bells
x Heucherella tiarelloides
H. villosa Hairy Alumroot

Species Hgt
H. americana 18-36 Greenish white Y
H. micrantha 12-24 Yellowish white Y
H. sanguinea 12-18 Reddish white N
H. villosa 12-36 Pinkish N

* Guides and Keys are from the book "Herbaceous Perennial Plants A Treatise on their Identification, Culture and Garden Attributes" by Dr Allan M. Armitage of the University of Georgia. Varsity Press, Athens, Georgia. 1989 ISBN 0-942375-00. More on Dr Armitage and his other books.



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