This is another rather large genus with hundreds of species found in North America and Asia. They are either shrubs or trees and may be evergreen or deciduous. The plants are dioecious so, in order to have the nice red fruit, both a male and a female plant must be positioned close enough to pollinate.



Ilex x altaciarensis Altaciara Holly
I. ambigua montana Mountain Winterberry
I. aquifolium English Holly
I. x aquipernyi  
I. x attenuata Topel Holly
I. cassine Dahoon
I. chinensis
(I. purpurica)
I. ciliospinosa  
I. coraillna Coral Holly
I. cornuta Chinese Holly
I. crenata Japanese Holly
I. decidua Possum How
I. fargesii Farges Holly
I. glabra Inkberry
I. integra Nepal Holly
I. laevlgata Smooth Winterberry
I. latifolia Lusterleaf Holly
I. opaca American Holly
I. pedunculosa Long-stalk Holly
I. pertyi Pertly Holly
I. rugosa Rugose Holly
I. rotunda Kurogane Holly
I. serrata Fiaetooth Holly
I. verticillata Winterberry
I. vomitoria Yaupon
I. yunnanensis Yuanan Holly


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