This is a genus of 4 or 5 species consisting of evergreen perennials and subshrubs. They are native to Eastern Asia and Southeast North America. The name is Greek for "thick" and "male" referring to the thick stamens i.e. male parts, of the flowers.



Pachysandra procumbens Alleghany Pachysandra, Alleghany Spurge
P. terminalis Japanese Pachysandra

Species Hgt
Length (in)
Length (in)
P. procumbens 9-12 3-5 4-5
P. terminalis 9-12 1-3 1-2

* Guides and Keys are from the book "Herbaceous Perennial Plants A Treatise on their Identification, Culture and Garden Attributes" by Dr Allan M. Armitage of the University of Georgia. Varsity Press, Athens, Georgia. 1989 ISBN 0-942375-00. More on Dr Armitage and his other books.


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