This is another of those classifications that is under study by taxonomists. As a result, the number of species included is estimated to be between 50 and 80 depending on the reference used. It has recently been moved from the Lily Family (Liliaceae) to the Asparagus Family (Asparagaceae). Most species bear flowers in the spring but a few bloom in the fall.

Scilla bifolia Twinleaf Squill
S. campanulata = Endymion hispanicus
S. hispanica = Endymion hispanicus
S. litardierei Meadow Squill
S. peruviana  
S. scilloides Chinese Squill
S. siberica Siberian Squill
S. tubergeniana  

Species Height (in.) Flower color Number of
S. bifolia 3-6 Mauve 3-12
S. peruviana 6-10 Lilac 20-50
S. siberica 3-6 Dark blue 1-3
S. tubergeniana 4-6 Pale blue 2-4

* Guides and Keys are from the book "Herbaceous Perennial Plants A Treatise on their Identification, Culture and Garden Attributes" by Dr Allan M. Armitage of the University of Georgia. Varsity Press, Athens, Georgia. 1989 ISBN 0-942375-00. More on Dr Armitage and his other books.


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