Euonymus europaea
European Spindletree - European Euonymus
Southern Europe and Western Asia

Upright, dense, narrow when young, becoming broad and spreading when mature.
10-15 (up to 30) feet tall with a spread of 10-25 feet
Flowers are yellowish-green, ⅓ inch across, borne in a 3-5 flowered cyme, not showy.
Late May
Leaves are opposite, simple, oval with a tapering apex, wedge-shaped at base, crenate-serrate margin, 1-3 inches long, dull dark green in color.
Fall color is yellow-green to reddish-purple.
Buds resemble Acer platanoides buds.
Fruit is a 4 lobed capsule, inch across, pink to reddish on the exterior, opening to reveal orange arils and white seeds, showy, ripening September- November The capsules resemble a bishop's hat before opening.
  • 'Alba' - Whitish fruits
  • 'Aldenhamensis' - bright pink fruits on long pendulous fruit stalks
  • 'Atropurpurea' - slightly purplish leaves
  • 'Atroruhens' - red fruits
  • 'Intermedia' - bright red fruits.


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