Aesculus glabra
Ohio Buckeye
Central United States

Rounded to broadly oval, low branched. Coarse textured
25-35 feet by 25-30 feet
Greenish-yellow flowers of this species from the are borne on stalks 6 inches long
Opposite, palmately compound, 10. usually 5 leaflets, 4-8 inches long. Leaflets: 3-5 inches long, elliptic, finely toothed, apex taper-pointed, wedge-shaped.
Orangish fall color
Terminal bud ¾ inches long, not sticky, brown
Twigs have unpleasant odor when crushed
Capsule, brown, 2 inches wide, rounded, somewhat prickly
Growth Rate: moderate



The leaves, especially on young shoots in early spring and the seeds are poisonous. The tree is also weak-wooded and is plagued by insects and disease.


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