Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Katsura Tree

Upright, pyramidal when young, the male trees growing narrow and columnar, females wide-spreading and vase-shaped.
40-60 feet tall with a variable spread, depending upon the sex of the tree.
Plants are dioecious. Flowers are green, not showy
March to early April
Leaves are opposite to sub-opposite, 2-4 inches long, heart-shaped, with a cordate base and crenate margins, reddish-purple in color when unfolding in the spring, later becoming a dark bluish-green.
Fall color is yellow, apricot-orange, to scarlet.
Buds are reddish, with two scales, pressed close to the stem.
Bark is brown and shaggy, with the ends loose. Stems are slender, swollen at nodes, often displaying spur growth.
Fruit is a small, ½-¾ inch long pod, ripening in October, not showy.



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