Delphinium x elatum
Delphinium, Larkspur, Candle Larkspur, Bee Larkspur
Hybrid Origin

Erect plant
4-6 feet tall
Flowers in showy racemes or spikes which are often paniculate, usually blue but also red, pink, white, violet and yellow. Five sepals, the posterior one prolonged into a spur.
Early to midsummer
Leaves large, palmately 5-7 part near the base, the upper leaves 3 part, ultimate segments over ¾ inch wide.
Powdery mildew, fungal blights, Botrytis blight, black leaf spot, crown rot, canker, aphids, borers, leaf miner and mites. The nocturnal slug is also a problem. Delphinium should be planted in uninfested soil and care should be taken not to contaminate the soil with diseased plants nor to propagate from infected stock.
Taller growing types will need staking
  • Blackmore and Langdon Hybrids - Flower colors include white, cream, yellow and blue.
  • 'Connecticut Yankee' - 30 inches, free-flowering, densely branched, with an excellent color range.
  • Dwarf Pacific Hybrids - Only 2 feet tall and often treated as annuals. Two selections are 'Blue Fountains' (mixed blues) and 'Blue Heaven', sky-blue.
  • Giant Pacific Hybrids - This seed-grown hybrid has colors of blue, violet, purple, pink, white and lavender. Most of the flowers are double.

Delphinium is derived from the Greek word delphis meaning dolphin and refers to the flower buds before they expand which resemble dolphins.

Delphiniums at best are short-lived perennials that either die or lose their vigor after 2 or 3 years.


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