Dicentra eximia
Fringed Bleeding Heart, Plume Bleeding Heart, Wild
Bleeding Heart, Turkey Corn, Staggerweed
Mountain areas of New York and Pennsylvania to Georgia and Tennessee - United States

Stemless rhizomatous perennial of dry or moist mountain woodlands
12 to18 inches tall and 18 inches wide
The heart-shaped, pink to purple flowers are borne in compound racemes. The corolla tapers from a cordate base into a narrow apex, often separating below the middle. The flower flower scape is nearly as tall as the leaves.
Peak bloom occurs in early summer but with flowering continues into the fall.
The finely dissected leaves are gray-blue in color. Basal leaves are ternately compound while the highly noticeable stem leaves are dissected. The leaf segments are broadly oblong or ovate.
  • Alba' - Pure white flowers and pale green foliage.
  • 'Boothman's variety' - soft pink flowers with blue-green foliage.
  • 'Stuart Boothman' - Pink flowers with smokey grey foliage, 16 inches tall.
  • 'Adrian Bloom' - Crimson-red flowers, blue-green foliage. It was selected by Adrian's father, Alan Bloom as a seedling of 'Bountiful'.
  • 'Baccharal' - Darkest red of the cultivars.
  • 'Bountiful' - Deep pink flowers, blue-green foliage. Flowers heavy in spring and autumn with intermittent blossoms during the summer.
  • 'Luxuriant' - Flower buds cherry red, flowers red, blue-green foliage. Flowers intermittently until frost.
  • 'Pearl Drops' - Pearl white flowers on glaucous foliage.
  • 'Silver Smith' - Pure white flowers and blue-green foliage.
  • 'Snowflakes' - White flowers, long bloom period.
  • 'Zestful' - Pink flowers, 12-15 inches tall.


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