Fagus grandifolia
American Beech
North America

A medium to large tree with a short trunk, wide-spreading branches and a broad, rounded head.
50-70 feet tall with a similar spread.
Plants are monoecious. Male flowers acre borne in a rounded head, females in a spike, inconspicuous
Early May
Leaves are alternate, simple, 2¼-5 inches long, with a tapering apex, coarsely serrate, with a wedge-shaped base, lustrous dark green in color, with 9-14 pairs of veins.
Fall color is golden brown, with the lower leaves persisting.
Buds are long, slender, very sharp pointed, many scaled, ¾-1 inch long.
Bark is thin, smooth, bluish to whitish-gray, often somewhat mottled.
Fruit is an edible nut, borne solitary or in clusters of 2-4, enclosed in a prickly husk, ripening in October



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