Geranium himalayense (G. grandiflorum)
Lilac Cranesbill
Turkestan, India and Tibet - Himalayan Mountains

Forms a clump
2-18 inches by 12-15 inches wide
Two flowers borne on axillary peduncles to 8 inches long flowers 1˝-2 inches wide, petals are lilac blue with purple veins.
Early summer
Leaves deeply 5-7 parted, to 3-6 inches wide, lobes broadly rhombic-obovate, incisely-toothed to pinnately parted.
  •  var. alpinum 'Gravetye' - Flowers are 2 inches wide and deep blue. Plants are 12 inches tall with deeply lobed foliage and wrinkled flowers.
  • 'Plenum' ('Birch Double') - Double, pale purple-violet flowers which are smaller than the species.
Geranium is derived from the Greek word for crane which refers to the similarity of the beaked fruit to the bill of a crane.


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