Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree

A medium to large pyramidal tree with stiff, ascending branches and few twigs with age becoming broader and more open.
50-80 feet tall with a variable spread from 30-40 feet
to wider than tall.
Plants are dioecious. Male reproductive structures in catkins, females on long pedicels bearing 1 or 2 ovules, not showy.
Late May
Leaves are alternate, simple, in clusters of 3-5 on spurs, fan-shaped with a central notch, 2-3 inches wide, with entire or wavy margins, dichotomously veined, bright green in color.
Fall color is a clear yellow, with all the leaves falling very quickly.
Bark is gray-brown and black, attractively ridged and furrowed. Stems have stubby, lateral, spur-like shoots.
Female reproductive structures are yellowish-green, plum-like, borne only on female trees, the fleshy covering having a very disagreeable odor.

  • 'Autumn Gold' - clear yellow leaves in fall


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