Muscari armeniacum
Armenian Grape Hyacinth
Asia Minor

Erect habit
6-9 inches flower stalk, leaves may be several inches
Blue, 20-40 individual flowers are urn-shaped and are borne in a dense raceme on a 6-9 inches flower flower scape. The flowers are slightly fragrant.
Early spring
6-8 basal leaves, up to 12 inches long, exceeding the flower scape, ¾ inch wide.
  • 'Blue Spike' - Double flowers, medium blue.
  • 'Cantab' - light blue, blooming later than the other varieties
  • 'Christmas Pearl' - Bluish violet, 8 inches tall.
  • 'Heavenly Blue' - light blue flowers and popular, but not the clear blue of 'Early Giant'
  • 'Saphir' - Deep blue flowers with a white rim. The flowers are sterile, which makes them long lasting.
  • 'Spring Creation' - Double blue flowers, 8 inches tall.
  • 'Early Giant' - fragrant light blue flowers


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