Paeonia suffruticosa
Tree Peony
Southern China

Erect and coarsely branched shrub
3-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet width
Red, rose pink, white and into the yellow ranges, usually solitary, 6-8 inches wide, 8 or more petals.
Mid to late spring
Alternate, leaves are biternate, leaflets stalked, ovate to broad-oval with 3-5 lobes, whitish beneath. Leaves are 10-12 inches long.
  • 'Alhambra' - Bright golden flowers with crinkled petals. Vigorous grower with semidouble flowers.
  • 'Chinese Dragon' - semidouble, crimson flowers. Petals are slightly crinkled. Foliage is finely dissected.
  • 'Hesperus' - Flowers are single, rose-pink with yellow undertones. Petals are crinkled.
  • 'Joseph Rock' - Pure white petals are accented with purple inner flares. Flowers are semidouble.
  • 'Leda' - Mauve-pink flowers are streaked with plum color. The flares have a deeper color which highlights the intensity of the blossom.
  • 'Marchiness' - Single flowers are creamy-mauve to very light yellow with a rose blush.
  • 'Roman Gold' - Single bright yellow flowers are carried on a compact plant.
  • 'Summer Night' - Rose-pink with a bronze blush.
  • 'Yachiyo Tsubaki' - Single coral-pink flowers.

Discovered in Southern China some 1600 years ago. For centuries it was the principal flower in the Chinese Imperial Palace Gardens. Chinese plant breeders developed more than 300 variations of tree peony with a wide variation in colors.


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