Pelargonium gravealens
Rose Geranium, Sweet Scented Geranium
South Africa

Bushy plant
12-24 inches tall and 24 inches wide
Small pink flowers are borne in umbels composed of 2-7 flowers. The corolla is ˝ long and composed of 5 petals with the 2 upper petals being larger.
Opposite leaves, long-petioled, nearly heart shaped, deeply lobed into 3-5 lobes, which are further lobed and round-toothed. The 2-4 inches wide leaves are softly pubescent and very fragrant.

Rose geranium can be used to flavor tea, jelly and sugar. Leaves can be added to apple jelly to create a distinguished scent. Dried leaves of rose geranium can be added to sachets and potpourris.


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