Platycodon grandiflorus (P. glaucus)
Balloon Flower, Japanese Bellflower, Chinese Bellflower
Eastern Asia

The species is often erect but smaller cultivars have a round habit.
24-36 inches.
Usually blue, but white and pink are also available. Flowers are saucer-shaped 2-3 inches wide. Buds are balloon-shaped and pop when squeezed. Flowers are terminated on long branches or peduncles.
The leaves are ovate to ovate lanceolate. 1-3 inches long. short-petioled and acute. The leaf margins are sharply dentate. The alternate leaves are glabrous with glaucous-blue lower surfaces.
  • var. album - White flowered form of the species.
  • 'Apoyama' - Violet-blue flowers on stems 10 inches tall. Flowers all summer.
  • 'Double BIue' - Double blue flowers, 18-24 inches tall.
  • 'Fuji' - blue, white or pink colors.
  • 'Hakone Blue' - Double blue flowers, 20 inches tall.
  • var. mariesii - Compact. 18 inches tall, bright blue flowers.
  • Sentimental Series - Compact, 6-8 inches tall and 12-15 inches wide. Available in blue or white.
  • 'Shell Pink' - Soft shell-pink flowers 18-24 inches tall.
Platycodon is Greek for “broad bell,” referring to the shape of the flowers. The common name of balloon flower describes the inflated balloon-like buds.


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