Polyganum affine (Persicaria affinis)
Himalayan Fleeceflower
Himalayan Mountains

Mat-forming groundcover
9 inches tall with a spread of 12 inches
The bright rose flowers are small but very numerous. They are packed tightly in a spike 2-3 inches long, which terminates in a 6 inches tall, red peduncle.
Basal leaves, oblanceolate or spatulate in shape, with the leaf base tapering into a petiole. Leaves are 3-4 inches long, dark green with a prominent white midvein and the margins are finely serrated.
  • 'Darjeeling Red' - Dark pink flowers which mature to a crimson color. It is 9 inches tall and vigorous.
  • 'Dimity' - Alan Bloom introduction is more compact with denser foliage. It makes a carpet perennial.
  • 'Donald Lowndes' - Double salmon-pink flowers, 8-10 inches tall.
  • 'Superba' (also'Superbum') - Profuse blooming selection with good vigor and rose-pink flowers that mature to crimson.


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