Saxifraga x arendsii
Mossy Saxifrage
Hybrid Origin

Tall flower stems which resemble colorful pins sticking out of a pincushion
4-6 inches
Five petaled, rose to bloodred flowers are arranged in 4-5 flowered, terminal racemes. Individual flowers are ¾ inch wide.
Mid to late spring
Leaves are borne in dense tufts. Each leaf is palmately dissected, usually 3-4 lobes and colored a bright green.
  • Carpet Series - Series contains differing flower colors. Plants are 4-8 inches tall.
  • 'Blood Carpet' - Has dark red flowers
  • 'Purple Carpet' - Purple carmine flowers
  • 'Snow Carpet' - White flowers
  • 'Flower Carpet' - Pink, free-flowering cultivar.
  • 'Sulfur Flower' - Pale sulfur-yellow flowers, vigorous grower with a compact mound of foliage.
  • 'Triumph' - Dark red flowers on 6-5 inches tall stems.
S. x arendsii is a hybrid of mixed parentage, which probably includes S. exarata and S. rosacea.


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