Tsuga canadensis
Canadian or Eastern Hemlock
Eastern United States

Upright and pyramidal, with wide-spreading to pendulous branches, graceful.
40-70 feet tall with a spread of 25-35 feet
Plants are monoecious. Staminate cones are light yellow, pistillate pale green in color.
Needles are ¼-⅔ inch long, 2 ranked on the stem, toothed, lustrous dark green in color, with 2 white stomata lines beneath.
Cones are slender-stalked, ½-1 inch long, nearly blunt at the apex, brown at maturity.

  • 'Bradshaw' - Densely pyramidal globosa-dense and rounded, as broad as high named
  • 'Kingsville' - narrow fastigiate clone
  • 'Macrophylla' - slightly longer and wider than the species
  • 'Pendula' - Sargent Hemlock - twice as broad as high, flat topped with pendulous side branches - a very graceful specimen
  • 'Pomfret' - faster growing but dense and pyramidal in habit
  • 'Taxifolia' - yewlike foliage
  • 'Westonigra' - very dark green foliage.


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