Cladrastis lutea = Cladrastis kentukea
Yellowwood, American Yellowwood
Southern United States

Upright, dense, low branched tree, with a broad, rounded crown.
30-50 feet tall with a spread of 40-55 feet
Flowers are white, fragrant, 1 inch long, borne in terminal racemes or panicles, 8-14 inches long, very showy.
Late May-early June
Leaves are alternate, pinnately compound with 7-11 leaflets, each being 2½-4 inches long, oval, with a short acunnate apex and entire margins, the terminal leaflet being slightly larger, bright green in color.
Fall color is bright yellow.
Buds are subpetiolar
Bark is very smooth, gray in color, with a yellow inner wood.
Fruit is a brown pod, 2½-3 inches long, ripening in October

  • 'Rosea’- A pink flowered form.


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