Populus deltoides
Eastern Cottonwood
Quebec to Texas

A large tree with a massive trunk and a wide-spreading, open, irregular crown.
75-100 feet tall with a spread of 50-75 feet
Plants are dioecious. Flowers are in catkins, appearing before the leaves and are not showy.
Leaves are alternate, simple, 3-5 inches long, triangular in shape (deltoid) with coarse, curved teeth and 2-3 glands present at the base and a long, flattened petiole.
Fall color is greenish-yellow to golden and falling early.
Buds are - inch long, conical, with 6-7 visible scales, shiny, chestnut brown, resinous.
Bark is ash-gray, divided into thick ridges, separated by deep fissures.
Fruit is a 3-4 valved capsule -⅓ inch long, the seeds having cottony tufts.



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