Tilia americana
American Linden, Basswood
Canada to Virginia and Alabama, west to North Dakota, Kansas and Texas - United States

Upright, irregularly pyramidal when young, forming a somewhat rounded crown with maturity.
60-89 feet tall with a spread of 30-60 feet
Flowers are inconspicuous, pale yellow, inch long, fragrant, borne in a drooping, 6-15 flowered cyme subtended by a large bract.
Mid to late June
Leaves are alternate, simple, broad ovate, 4-8 inches long, with a cordate or truncate base, coarsely serrate margin.
Fall color is yellow to brown, not especially showy.
Buds are large, reddish-brown, somewhat flattened, tear-drop shaped.
Bark is gray to brown, deeply ridged and fissured.
Fruit is grayish, nutlike, ⅓- inch long, tomentose.

  • 'Fastigiata' has an upright and columnar habit.
  • T. americana (a.k.a. T. euchlora) 'Redmond' - new twigs are crimson.



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