Tilia cordata
Littleleaf Linden
3 to 7
Northern Europe

Upright, with wide-spreading branches, the lower densely pyramidal, round topped.
60-70 feet tall with a spread of 30-40 feet
Flowers are yellowish, fragrant and similar to T. americana, except borne in a 5-7 flowered cyme.
June to July
Leaves are alternate, simple, 1-2½ inches long, with drooping a cordate base, sharply and finely serrate margins, dark green and somewhat lustrous.
Fall color is yellow-green to green.
Buds are similar to T. americana, except smaller and brown in color.
Bark is similar to T. americana.
Globose nutlet covered with gray purbescence.
Japanese beetles are often a problem.

‘Bicentennial' - Tight pyramidal-conical form with acute branch angles, small typical dark green leaves.

‘Chancellor’- Fastigiate becoming pyramidal with age, fast growing.

‘Corinthian’- Compact pyramid, formal shape around straight central leader, dense branching, lustrous dark green leaves.

‘DeGroot’ - Upright tree with compact head, glossy dark green foliage, slower growing than most lindens.

‘Fairview’ - Thick leathery dark green leaves are slightly larger than the species, well proportioned crown.

‘Glenleven’ - Fast growing selection with a straight trunk.

‘Green Globe' - Bushy round-headed form.

‘Greenspire’- Maintains a single leader with a nice branching habit, widely used as a street tree.

‘Handsworth’ - Young stems are a light yellow-green.

‘June Bride’ - Substantially pyramidal habit of growth with small-sized leaves that are more glossy than the species, and flowers more abundant.

‘Morden’- Dense pyramidal crown; quite hardy.

‘Olympic’- Symmetrical form with better branching, glossy dark green leaves.

‘Pendula Nana’- Dwarf compact habit with pendent branches.

‘Prestige' - Slightly broader than ‘Greenspire’, shiny bright green leaves.

‘Rancho’- Upright-oval clone with small, glossy green leaves with very fragrant small yellow flowers.

‘Salem’- Upsweeping branches form rounded head, brilliant deep green foliage.

‘Shamrock’- Stouter but more open crown than ‘Greenspire’ with strong pyramidal outline.

‘Swedish Upright' - Narrow, upright in outline, old trees become pyramidal.



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